Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 13: Downtown – Extinction

Change into Dinobot mode and continue to bring the pain as Grimlock.

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Clear a path for Optimus Prime. 

Switch between robot and Dinobot form as prompted and make your way across the bridge. Take down all enemies you come across. When you reach the end of the bridge, switch to robot form and knock down the pillar. 

Objective: Take an alternate route through the Docks.

Objective: Clear the area of enemy forces. 

Continue toward the next waypoint. Once you round the corner, another group of enemies attack. It’s generally easier to switch to Dinobot form and use Grimlock’s flamebreath to defeat the enemies, but as Grimlock it’s difficult to lose, so once again, have some fun. Defeat enough enemies and another Titan appears. Handle him in the same fashion as the last one, using  continuous flamebreath in vehicle mode. If you start to take some damage, use an execution (Y or Triangle) to regain health. 

Objective: Head to the rendezvous point.

With the Titan down, head to the next waypoint, switch to robot mode and pry open the door. Continue toward the next waypoint in robot mode. Knock down the pillar ahead, then grab a car off to the right and throw it at the bull’s-eye just above to knock out the cables blocking your path. Keep moving toward the waypoint until you cross the street and reach the building on the opposite side. 

Objective: Destroy the beacons.

Objective: Defeat the Leapers.

Just beyond the first building is a pile of wreckage that’s glowing blue. You need to pick up boulders from the wreckage and throw them at the three beacons (marked by bull’s-eyes) surrounding the area. Once this is done, the Leapers attack. Treat them just like the Titans. Switch to vehicle mode and use continuous Flamebreath on them. If your health gets low, execute one of the normal enemies surrounding you. Sometimes it’s easier to execute in robot mode depending on the terrain and positioning of the enemy. 

Objective: Meet up with Optimus. 

Once you’ve taken out three Leapers, ignore the remaining enemies and head toward the next waypoint to meet up with Optimus. You need to weave through the buildings to make it to him, but if you follow the waypoint marker you won’t get lost.

Objective: Defend Optimus. 

You need to defend Optimus Prime until he can open the hatch. Switch to robot mode and use your melee attack combo (B or O repeatedly) to take down the enemies with ease. When the Titans start to show up, switch to vehicle mode and use Flamebreath just like before. There’s a health item right next to Optimus, but do not use it until your shield is gone and you have roughly 50 percent health.

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