We're still perplexed at how Sony Pictures thought the remake of Total Recall would be a good idea.  Colin Ferrell can't replace Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the fact he never "gets his ass to Mars" doesn't make sense.  That said, the movie has its fans, and you can pick it up when it releases on December 18th if you feel like it.

If you need further incentive to pick up the movie, Sony just added another initiative that'll make you take notice.  You'll have first access to a new single-player demo for the forthcoming God of War: Ascension, which you can download onto your PS3.  

While we're not sure how the connection between Kratos and Quaid works, this will no doubt be something players want to check out.  At the very least, you'll be able to rip the brain out of a human/elephant hybrid – and that's something Quaato just can't get done.

Look for God of War: Ascension next year on March 12, 2013 on PlayStation 3.  You know, after you wake up from Rekall and stop flirting with three-breasted women.