After rumors that longtime Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio lead Toshihiro Nagoshi was poached from Seta by NeatEase, today the Yakuza studio confirmed at least the first part. We don’t know where he’s going yet, but as the 10th anniversary of RGG Studio hits, Nagoshi is indeed leaving the company. 

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His role is being filled by Masayoshi Yokoyama, who will be leading the team on a Yakuza: Like a Dragon sequel. If you check out the announcement page from Sega, you can see the current leadership makeup of RGG Studio. You can also find statements from both Yokoyama and Nagoshi about the change. 

Yokoyama notes that a sequel to Like a Dragon is in development, and that Ichiban Kasuga’s story is continuing. He also noted the team leads, stating “this game is currently being developed by producer Sakamoto and directors Horii, Ito and Mitake. I myself along with Takeuchi and Furuta are working on the story.”

Around for RGG Studio’s entire ten year run so far, Yokoyama started as a writer on the Yakuza series with the original PlayStation 2 game. He’s worked his way up to the top, acting as Chief Producer on many titles before his newfound leadership.

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