Are you ready to take a ride with Tony Hawk again?  We sure are, and it doesn’t look like we’ll wait too long to get our chance!

According to various news sources, Activision is planning to release the much-anticipated Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this June.  An official date has yet to be nailed down, but that seems like an ideal release period for the game.

The skating areas found in the game will have some DLC additions soon after release.  Activision has confirmed that the game will be supported by downloadable content, with multiple levels from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 slated to be added into the game.  Fans will supposedly have a chance to vote for their favorites, as well as possible character additions.

For more information about the product and the chance to make your voice heard, head over to the game's official Facebook page and sound off.  Your favorites just might make the cut into the final game.

We’ll let you know how Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD shapes up in the weeks ahead!