A few days ago, some concerned NeoGeo X system owners were concerned that SNK was going to remove backing from it, just weeks after its release on the market.  Well, you can relax.  The NeoGeo party is just getting started.

The NeoGeo X is NOT being discontinued, and will continue to be supported by a number of upcoming games.  The only product that is stopping production is the Limited Edition bundle that comes with an arcade-style joystick and system to put the portable device in for home play.  Tommo addressed the matter this morning, speaking to Engadget.

"Tommo will be continuing to support the NeoGeo X format going forward with more games, peripherals and software updates, as well as more units of the console hardware," Tommo told Engadget. "The NeoGeo X Gold System Limited Edition Collection Series that includes Ninja Masters, was always planned to be a limited edition product."

Though forthcoming games weren't announced, you can expect a few favorites in the NeoGeo library.  We're certainly looking forward to the return of Cyber-Lip and Eightman ourselves…

You can still get the Limited Edition at various retailers, including Best Buy.  You should jump on one before they go bye-bye.