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Tomb Raider Sells 3.4 Million Copies, Doesn’t Hit Sales Targets

by Prima Games Staff

Tomb Raider has sold 3.4 million copies in its four weeks of availability.  While that sounds impressive, it apparently did not meet Square Enix internal sales targets.

Hitman Absolution sold 3.6 million units since its launch in November 2012 and the cult hit Sleeping Dogs sold 1.75 million since August 2012.  Still, these totals were not enough to meet Square Enix’s unspecified internal targets.

What the company did make clear is that it expected 14.9 million sales at retail in the U.S. and Europe for the six months following September 2012.  Since Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs were the company’s only big releases and saw 8.75 million sales worldwide, the Japanese publisher fell millions of units short.

Sales in North America were also lower than in Europe, which was another disappointment.  Square Enix had to compensate some retailers for price protection as a result. 

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