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Tom Holland’s Uncharted Movie Lands New Director

by Liana Ruppert

It’s official, the upcoming Tom Holland Uncharted movie starring a much younger Nathan Drake officially has its director found in Bumblebee’s Travis Knight. 

According to a recent report by Deadline, Knight has officially taken over following the previous director’s exit. The upcoming Uncharted movie will be a younger version of the hero than what we know from the games and will also star talent like Hailee Stenfield and JOhn Cene. 

The previous director, Dan Trachtenberg, mentioned earlier this year his narrative plans for the new Uncharted film and how they settled on the direction going forward. “[I] have been approached with different versions of this tale, and have always been not that interested in it because I didn’t really want to trace the game,” he mentioned.

As far as copy and pasting the videogame formula to the film, Trachtenberg added, “I didn’t really feel like it was at all worthy of making a video game adaptation, [if] we’re just gonna copy what the game is and just serve people a lesser experience than what they’ve experienced in such an incredible way.”

“If Naughty Dog so chose to make another Uncharted game featuring Nate and Sully… this movie’s story is probably the story that they would want to tell.” And really, that’s the vote of confidence we needed, to be honest. 

It will be interesting to say what changes under Knight’s new direction. It’s definitely been a rocky road since 2018 when the first director, Shawn Levy, left the role only to have the director’s chair abandoned once more with Trachtenberg’s departure. 

The Uncharted movie officially hits theaters on December 18, 2020. Are you looking forward to seeing the tale of a younger Drake? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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