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Tom Holland’s Uncharted Movie Delayed … Again

by Liana Ruppert

Following the news that Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie has lost its sixth director, it looks like the film has hit yet another snag. And by snag, we mean an additional delay. The upcoming film is set to center around a much younger Nathan Drake, an aspect to the character we’ve seen a handful of times throughout the franchise’s history, but it looks like the adventure can’t quite avoid all of the road bumps during production, with the latest delay kicking back the movie until 2021.

As reported by Deadline, the new release date has been bumped from December 18th of this year to March 5, 2021. This movie has been in the making for 13 years and has seen bad luck time and time again. From a rotating spiel of directors to backlash regarding the narrative of a young Drake with Holland as the face – it will be interesting to see if this project even happens at all. 

For those catching up on the news about the Uncharted movie, the previous director, Dan Trachtenberg, previously sat down with GamesRadar to talk about the narrative plans for the new Uncharted film and how they settled on the direction going forward. “[I] have been approached with different versions of this tale, and have always been not that interested in it because I didn’t really want to trace the game,” he mentioned.

As far as copy and pasting the videogame formula to the film, Trachtenberg added, “I didn’t really feel like it was at all worthy of making a video game adaptation, [if] we’re just gonna copy what the game is and just serve people a lesser experience than what they’ve experienced in such an incredible way.”

“If Naughty Dog so chose to make another Uncharted game featuring Nate and Sully… this movie’s story is probably the story that they would want to tell.” And really, that’s the vote of confidence we needed, to be honest. 

Since that interview, however, directors have come and gone so it’s unclear if the overall vision has remained the same or if the team decided it was time to try something a little different. 

The Uncharted movie officially hits theaters on March 5, 2021, unless a delay is announced due to all of the changes. Are you looking forward to seeing the tale of a younger Drake? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!