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Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Re-Turn to Launch This Year

by Ginny Woo

Fans of Tokyo Mew Mew, a classic hit from the 2000s, are going to be pleased that the nostalgia machine appears to have come for one of the most underrated serialized works of the early century. While there was a soft reboot of the original series with male leads announced recently, it’s just been confirmed via Nakayoshi magazine that Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Re-Turn will launch before the year ends as a special short manga.

Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Re-Turn to Launch This Year

Those unfamiliar with Tokyo Mew Mew can think of it as a magical girl shojo manga, focused around protagonists who have the DNA of endangered animals and who use the resulting powers to fight aliens. There were a few video game adaptations, but in a year where we’ve seen a whole ton of reboots and remasters, this fresh coat of paint might just be what the series needs to make a strong comeback.

There’s no word as to what Tokyo Mew Mew 2020 Re-Turn will cover off yet, or if it’s even going to involve the same troupe of girls (or boys, if the new adaptation is anything to go by). However, Anime News Network has now reported that the original minds behind the shojo manga will be helming this upcoming manga short, anticipated for a December 2019 release. We’re talking Mia Ikumi and Reiko Yoshida. In the time since Tokyo Mew Mew, Yoshida in particular has worked on D.Gray-man, K-On!, and the acclaimed Violet Evergarden which you can watch on Netflix. With Ikumi returning likely in her capacity as illustrator once more, or at least to steer the art direction, fans of the original series shouldn’t need to worry about this new work being true to the source material.

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Source: Anime News Network

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