If you haven’t heard of Toejam and Earl yet…man, are you missing out.  They’re two of Sega’s most dynamic characters, a pair of hip hop aliens that are just trying to get back to their spaceship…you know, when they’re not getting funky.  (“BIG EARL!”)

Anyway, the aliens are on the verge of a comeback.  Sega has confirmed that both the original Toejam and Earl game, along with its sequel, Panic On Funkotron, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, as well as Steam.  Though features haven’t been unveiled for the games as of yet (online co-op?), we’re pretty sure Sega will treat them with respect.

Greg Johnson from HumanNature Studios, one half of Toejam’s original creators, confirmed the re-releases, and expressed interest in doing a new game featuring the aliens, though that’s “totally out of my control”.  He is working on a new project where they will make a cameo, though.

And if Sega isn’t interested in a new game, since they have the rights to the characters, they just might consider Kickstarter.  Said Greg, “That ball is still in my and Mark’s court, and that’s a matter of having the bandwidth to do it, and the money to do it.”

Hey, whatever, we’re just glad they’re back.  “BOOGIE BOOGIE BOOGIE BOOGIE!”