So in a strange turn of events, it turns out you can play a 4K remaster inside of Homefront: The Revolution.

Timesplitters 2 4K Port Code Finally Found Inside Homefront: The Revolution

It all started last weekend when Jan Willem Nijman asked developers to share their favorite Easter Eggs found in video games. This created a large thread of developers sharing their favorite found and unfound Easter Eggs, however one specifically caught the eye of many.

In Homefront the Revolution it is possible to play a native 4K port of Timesplitters 2, which is hidden inside the arcade machine in Homefront: The Revolution.

A report from IGN chronicles the tale of how the developer behind the Easter Egg cannot find the code that prompts Timesplitters 2 to actually unlock. 

That was until the internet found out and did some digging. In this Twitter thread below you can see how a community of folks came together to pull apart the game and find the code in a matter of days. 

Twitter User Lance McDonald talks about how they “spent 6 hours today playing through Homefront Revolution on PS4 so I could reach the Timesplitters 2 arcade cabinet and started reverse engineering the menu/input system on it.”

However, Lance was beaten to finding the code by someone else. Below you’ll find a discord message from another community member talking about how Spencer Perreault discovered the code.


This has been a wild story to follow and we will continue to update as more information comes out.

Maybe it’s time to pick up Homefront: The Revolution.