Time to Eat in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can collect your fruit and eat it too!

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are not only new things to do and see, but also to eat! Food items aren’t exactly a new invention in the series. Of course, there has always been plenty of fruit and in some past games you’ve been able to enjoy Brewster’s coffee. But in this latest game, you have the ability take your coffee to go, not to mention eat your collection of delicious fruit, ice cream, and more!


To eat food, you simply touch something edible in your inventory, then drag and release it on your player’s mouth. After a bit of chewing, down the food goes! You can acquire food in a variety of ways, including collecting it, buying it, or helping make it. Some events such as the Harvest Festival have food that is served after you assist with gathering the items.

Eating food and drinking coffee doesn’t affect your character, but it is fun to gather with friends for a bite to eat, or pass the time with a cup of joe while chatting with your neighbors. Just keep in mind not to overeat! Food such as fruit is still an excellent item to sell for Bells. So, like anything else, only eat in moderation!


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