THQ has canceled its project with Guillermo Del Toro, Insane, a trilogy that was said to be in its pre-production phase.

The word spread following a financial call made by new THQ president Jason Rubin, in which he revealed that the IP rights have been given back to the Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy director. The call also detailed plans to discontinue the company’s efforts into mobile and Facebook gaming with the intention to put focus back onto its usual fare.

"By canceling these explorations outside of our core business, we feel we can improve focus on our core game portfolio, which remains unchanged," said Rubin.

Rubin expects the sales of Darksiders 2 to be pretty substantial, and it certainly looks that’s way, the game is getting some serious (fully deserved) hype of late.

Rubin also has faith in Saints Row: The Third’s sequel, Enter the Dominatrix, the expansion that went too far and became a game. Rubin expects the title to perform even better than its surprise hit predecessor. "I think it will be a Saint's Row 4. I think it will have as good sales, if not better sales than the last one."

We think THQ will be one to watch both this year and next, with Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Saint's Row: Enter the Dominatrix on their future release schedule.

Shame about Insane though; let’s hope another good publisher picks it up.