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Thomas Was Alone Developer Introduces Next Project, Volume

by Prima Games Staff

One of this year’s quirkiest titles for PlayStation Network, Thomas Was Alone, became a cult favorite for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners, with its unique puzzle design and stunning narrative.  Now the creator of that game, Mike Bithell, announced his next project – Volume.

Revealed by IGN earlier today, Volume is a game where stealth is vital in order to sneak up on enemies, but it provides a number of options.

“I love games that let me solve problems my own way,” said Bithell while speaking with IGN.  “But I do kind of miss a more focused stealth game, where being spotted is not easily solved with violence.  In this game, the only character who can die is the player, that makes for a different kind of stealth game.”

The goal is to sneak up on bad guys and knock them out cold, but you can manipulate levels, changing the nature of how you play the game.  You can also use noise to lure enemies from a certain position, similar to Metal Gear Solid.  Additional tools open up as well, including the bugle, which is quite the noisemaker. 

Volume will release on PC in 2014.  You can watch the debut trailer below.