This Baldur’s Gate 3 Astarion Mod Got Me Feeling Some Type of Way

Baldur's Gate wasn't made for ya, Angels like you.

Let’s get it out of the way; everyone in Baldur’s Gate is way too hot for their own right. I know that Larian Studios recently said that they weren’t supposed to be so thirsty, but just one look at them can prove that they’re lying. When you’re venturing the plains and wastelands of Baldur’s Gate 3, your companions are going to be your best friends, your lovers, and everything in between. Astarion, in particular, took the internet by storm when he was first revealed, but what if he was even HOTTER?

Tweet via X User @amirdrassil

This mod for Baldur’s Gate 3 was brought to my attention by user @amirdrassil, who brought up the fact that someone “handsome squidwarded” Astarion. Not only is that particular piece of vernacular going to be a permanent part of my vocabulary from this point forward, but I’ve immediately started waiting for the rest of the Baldur’s Gate crew to receive a similar makeover.

Maybe this is his true form. Maybe this is what happens if you let him suck just a little more blood than he should be entitled to. No matter, those chiseled cheekbones will cast a Critical Hit on the hearts of all who see him, and a jaw like that can inflict massive damage on your heart once you’re rejected by a newly enhanced Astarion.

Video by Shaun Cichacki/Prima Games

I immediately knew that I needed to make something for the work chat to share the news of this handsome hunk, alongside the news, and where you can download it for your own adventures. Rain or shine, Handsome Astarion is something that will live on in our dreams, our nightmares, and in our Baldur’s Gate 3 sessions. Honestly, do you even want to reach Baldur’s Gate anymore, now that you’ve seen this mountain of a man? Hopefully, this mod also comes with a glass of water or something, because I’m suddenly very thirsty.

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