This Absurd Starfield Gameplay is Everything You Need to Know About Starfield Mods

Ever played explosive dominoes before?

Starfield’s modding scene is already beginning to show its creative beginnings, and as such, we are also beginning to see players push the limits of how wacky things can become. One such player made a compilation of wacky shenanigans within Starfield by using the power of mods.

The compilation shows the player, known as Dennios, messing around across various locations within the game while also doing things like playing explosive dominoes, making huge stacks of watermelons, creating a milk carton galaxy, and swapping the models of enemies with Stormtroopers to make for the ultimate space simulator (complete with Wilhelm screams).

It also features the player messing around with some of the character models, while also having NPCs meddling in conversations. One of the best clips sees the player spawning 10,000 items such as volleyballs, milk cartons, or watermelons.

Of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without the player using their powers to alter gravity around NPCs and those thousands of objects to see what happens. In some clips, you can see them messing with gravity to make things explode or just to throw enemies and allies alike around while also playing around with the objects they spawned. It’s just eight minutes of pure ridiculousness and we love it.

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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