Thief Complete Walkthrough Chapter 6: A Man Apart – How to Steal the Primal Stone Fragment

We show you how to crack the Baron's safe in Thief Chapter 6 and acquire the Heart of the Lion.

Beat Thief and unlock all safes then be sure to unlock the complete Prima Thief digital guide and become a master Thief!

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Thieving Challenges

  • Remain Undetected – 425 G
  • Disable 5 Traps – 300 G
  • 10 Kills or Knockouts – 300 G
  • Lift All Loot Items – 400 G

This chapter features a total of six collectible loot items. We will guide you through how to get each one of them. Make sure you are fully stocked up on all available arrow types. Also be sure to bring the Wire Cutter Tool and Wrench Tool.

Objective 1: Find a Way into the Baron’s Mansion

The first part of this chapter makes it very difficult to stay undetected. We’ll do our best but our goal is to show you how to beat the mission and gather the collectibles. Some of our violent advice might lead to you missing the Remain Undetected Thieving Challenge.

Immediately climb onto the ledge in front of you. There is one patrolling guard. Wait for him to pass by and perform an aerial takedown. Be careful of the caged dog nearby. Your first piece of collectible loot is on the southeast pillar in the same area you took down the guard. Snag The Pinned Castinets – Greater Ruststain (1/6).

Head back to where you started and go south into the courtyard. A guard will patrol near there, but if you’re careful, you can knock him out without his partner knowing. Once he’s down, keep moving to the south. Another guard patrols close by. Let him get close to you and knock him out in the shadows. If you do it in the light, his partner will see. When he’s down, head south along the east wall and knock out the third guard in the area.

Head to the east, hugging the south wall. Sneak up to the base of the balcony and go inside the room. Loot it and then head back out. Face east and climb a wall directly between the two sets of stairs. You will be close to the guards, but the shadows will hide you. One of the City Heritage Plaques (16/16) – Elias Northcrest Statue will be right in front of you. If you don’t have all 16, you might be missing one from an earlier chapter, or one of the many that can be found in The City.

When it’s safe, swoop to the southeast corner. From here, wait for the patrolling guard with the sword to pass by, and when he’s behind the statue, knock him out. Next, go for the guard by the south balcony. You can easily sneak behind him (pick his pocket if you want) and knock him out. Two more guards are to the north. Leave them alone but consider using a Choke Arrow on the dog nearby. He will give away your position in a hurry.

Keep moving north through the winding path. There are more guards ahead, so continue to crouch. When nobody is looking, go down the stairs and head to the shadows to the west. The guards will be close, but you can stay here without being detected. Move north and then east, following the guard who walks the east path. Sneak up behind him and knock him out when he’s away from the crowd. Use a Choke Arrow to silence the nearby dog. No need to backtrack, leave the other two guards alone and go forward. Use a Blunt Arrow to shoot a hanging box down. Climb up the box, onto a platform and put a Rope Arrow in an anchor beam above. Climb up the rope and pry the window open.

Objective 2: Confront the Baron in His Private Study

Move through the attic and exit into the hall. Sneak up behind the guard and knock him out. We threw the body in the attic, but it really isn’t necessary. Go down the stairs to the second floor where a few guards are patrolling.

Climb up on a cabinet in the hall and use the Wire Cutter Tool to hack the control box. Back up to the base of the stairs, climb another wall and use the Wrench Tool to remove a vent cover. Sneak across the upper ledge, using the Wrench Tool to move back into the hall and hack the second control box. Drop to the hall floor and feel free to loot the rooms to the east and west.

When you’re done, go back into the hall and move south. Enter a door directly in front of you and look through a peephole to get an optional objective, Find a Way into the Secret Room. Exit the room, follow the hall to the left and take the first door on your right. Hack the control panel, exit the room, turn right and look for an odd painting on your left. Pull the two switches to enter the secret room.

Move to the south of the chest to start working on the lock. From top to bottom.

  • Row 1 – No Adjustment
  • Row 2 – Right x 1
  • Row 3 – Left x 1
  • Row 4 – Right or Left x 2

Move to the north side of the chest and align the rows so that each row turns red. Go claim Unique Loot (8/9) – Heart of the Lion. If you have a different number of this particular set, check to see if you missed one in a previous chapter. There are also many collectibles found in The City.

Exit the room the same way you entered, backtracking down the hall toward the stairwell you took to descend from the attic. Pick the lock on the double doors to the east to enter the library. Sneak behind the guard and knock him out. Quietly loot if you want, heading out the same doors you came in. Turn right and go downstairs.

You can bypass the first floor and head to the cellars, but there’s no collectible loot down there. There are no guards, so if you want an easy score, head down. Beware of traps in the basement, using Focus to identify and neutralize them. Otherwise, let’s start making our way through the first floor.

Sneak into the kitchen and look through the keyhole to the west. That’s the Great Hall. When the coast is clear, open the door, knock out the guard and hide the body. We threw him down the kitchen stairs. Go in the room where the guard was, face east and climb the wall. When a patrolling guard returns, use an aerial attack to knock him out; tossing his body down the stairs is optional. Feel free to loot the Great Hall now.

There’s a bedroom to the east of the kitchen. Loot it if you want, but return to the Great Hall afterwards. Go through the south doors of the Great Hall to enter the library. There are three guards and caged birds to worry about, so move quietly through the shadows. Even though using a Choke Arrow on the birds seems like a good idea, the guards will know something is wrong if they notice the dead bird. Do not swoop near birds, since they will start squawking. Instead, climb up on the bookshelves and wait for one of the guards to wander off on his own. Use an aerial attack to take him down. Knocking out the other two guards without being detected is tough, if not impossible. Try distracting one of them by throwing an object or firing a Blunt Arrow. When one guard investigates, take him out with a headshot. Then quickly turn to the remaining guard and finish him. With them down, steal everything in the library. You’ve earned it.

Exit the library to the left and follow the hall. Be careful, guards are patrolling a bit further down. Try throwing an object into the northwest corner of the hall. When one guard investigates, put one of your Broadhead Arrows in his face. The other guard who is standing at the far south of the hall won’t see a thing. Put an arrow in his head to clear the area.

Begin exploring the rooms on the west side of the hall. The second room has a safe. The combination is 8, 8, 9. Open the safe to claim one of the Serendi Stone Circles (6/7) – Sapphire Circle. Go back into the hall and keep following it around to the Waiting Hall. There are two guards in here and they are tough to knock out. Again, try Blunt Arrows or throwing an object to create a distraction. Or you can always try and sneak upstairs, but the second floor of the Waiting Hall is your goal.

When you reach the door of the Study Tower, climb up to crawl through to an adjoining room. Climb the pipes around the elevator shaft to move toward your objective. When you can’t go any further, jump to another pipe and then some stairs. Climb the stairs to reach the Study Tower.

Objective 3: Enter the Ceremony Room

When the elevator opens, go forward and back into the Waiting Hall. There’s a lot of Graven in here, but they are basically just guards with different clothes. They have no additional or special abilities. Take out the first Graven as soon as you open the door. Don’t let him get too far. Swoop left and wait for another Graven to walk out in front of you. Again, quickly take him down before he gets around the corner. You can also try the chaos approach. Don’t attack either of the first two Graven you see. Let them move to a landing (there should be two or three huddled together) and put a Blast Arrow on one. That should get you at least three kills. Pick the rest off with Broadhead Arrows as they scurry about trying to find you.

Head toward the second floor’s west hallway. Move up until you see a Graven killing another man. Put him down with a headshot and then take out his partner before he makes a big fuss. There’s another greedy Graven in the room to the south; if he heard the commotion, you’ve already met him. If you were quiet, sneak up behind him and knock him out.

Exit through the room’s west door and find a painting hanging on the east wall. Collect The Court of Montonessi (11/12) – The Married Spinster. If you have a different number of these collectibles, try looking through previous chapters. Also, many of the game’s collectibles are found in The City.

Objective 4: Find the Passage to the Baron’s Laboratory

While facing where the painting was, turn right and climb over some crates. Two Graven are on patrol in the Ceremony Room. Take them out when they split up, move to the southwest corner of the room and press the loose brick.

Objective 5: Descend into the Laboratory

Finally, an easy objective. Pull the lever on the wall and descend the spiral stairs. When you reach the bottom, your objective is complete.

Objective 6: Acquire the Primal Stone Fragment

Go as far down as you can and pull the lever to turn the machine on. Head upstairs, pass the machine’s controls and keep going up more stairs. Put a Rope Arrow into the anchor beam above you. Jump to the rope, descend a short ways and hop to a platform. Sitting on a crate, you will find the Memories of the Dead (5/6) – Braggart’s Memory. If you don’t have five of them, you might be missing some from the previous chapters. Many of the game’s collectible loot items are also found in The City. Go back up the rope and approach the machine’s controls.

Look for a crack in the glass of the contraption. Use the left valve wheel to position the rings so the crack is between them. You know you hit the spot when the machine starts to shake. Next, turn the right valve wheel to increase the ring’s speed. This will form a second crack. Go back to the left valve and repeat the process. When a third crack forms, adjust the valve wheels for a third time. When the glass breaks, go collect your prize.

Objective 7: Escape from the Manor

As soon as you regain control, try to climb up the wall near the objective marker. That’s all there is to it.

Objective 8: Exit the Sewers

You’re being chased, but you have plenty of time. Just sprint through the sewers, moving in the direction of the objective. When you exit to fresh air, objective complete.

Objective 9: Get Across the Bridge

Although this part isn’t particularly hard, it’s also quite easy to take a wrong step and die. When you exit the sewers, turn right and sprint to the end of the dock and use your Blackjack to hit the reel. Backtrack the way you came and run across the boat. Keep moving toward your objective, jumping from one dock to another. When you hit the third one, sprint off of it before it collapses.

The rest of the chapter is more of the same. Continue to move in the only direction you can until you are safely across the bridge.

By completing this chapter, players will unlock the A Man Apart trophy or achievement, depending on what platform you play the game on.

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