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These Cursed Sonic & Knuckles Controllers Can Be Yours

by Jesse Vitelli

Limited edition consoles are nothing new, in fact, most companies love to make some special version of an Xbox and PlayStation they can sell or use in a giveaway. Today, Xbox announced a custom Xbox Series S and controllers for the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film coming out this April.

These Cursed Sonic & Knuckles Controllers Can Be Yours

The console itself is a sleek black with a golden ring around the top of the Series S. It features images of Sonic and Knuckles from the upcoming film, it’s a nice looking console all things considered.

However, the controllers are something else, something cursed. The Xbox controllers in this bundle giveaway are furry, like these controllers are covered in hair type of furry. All these controllers are missing are some eyeballs and you could mistake them for a Firby from the early 90’s.

If you’re interested in obtaining these controllers so you can eventually get Cheeto dust and hand grease all over them all you need to do is enter the sweepstakes. The details from Xbox Wire on how to enter are below.

“Fans can enter two sweepstakes for a chance to win the exclusive custom Xbox Series S and both the Sonic Blue and Knuckles Red Xbox Wireless Controllers by either (1) retweeting the official Xbox sweepstakes tweet and including the hashtag #XboxSonic2Sweepstakes, or (2) for fans in the US, by redeeming Microsoft Rewards points. Visit the official terms and conditions for more information on both the Twitter and Microsoft Rewards sweepstakes.”

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