Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, which made quite the impact when it debuted on the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year, is about to get an even bigger audience on the iOS front.  The game recently made its debut on the New Zealand App Store, released through Square Enix, and it should be hitting others, including the U.S. store, throughout the day.  (In fact, it should be available by the time you read this.)

The music/rhythm game has been a big hit on the 3DS thus far, and should strike even more gold on the Apple mobile devices.  However, there's something you should know when it comes to pricing.

The game itself will be free of charge, but it'll only come with two songs unlocked.  To get others, you'll need to purchase them through the app, depending on which ones are your favorites.  Some songs are rather cheap, but according to early reports, in order to unlock everything in the game, you'll need…$150?  No, we're not kidding.

Be sure to check out Theatrhythm anyway – it doesn't cost anything initially – before you make the leap and start adding songs to your library.