The Elder Scrolls 6 is Now in Active Development

It actually exists.

While Starfield may be the center of attention right now, we can’t help but hold our breath in excitement for the next installment in The Elder Scrolls franchise. Thankfully, it seems we can all exhale a sigh of relief because the wait is coming to a close; The Elder Scrolls VI is finally in active development.

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Announced over five years ago, fans have been eager to learn anything about the upcoming fantasy epic that Bethesda had announced, but details have been rather sparse. In an interview with GQ Magazine, the very same interview that revealed the existence of an exciting New Game + option, Todd Howard admits that the reveal for the Elder Scrolls 6 may have been a little too early.

Do you regret announcing that when you did? – Interviewer Sam White asks

“I have asked myself that a lot,” he says, slowly. “I don’t know. I probably would’ve announced it more casually.”

GQ Magazine Interview with Todd Howard, “Inside Starfield: how Bethesda’s “NASA punk” epic became the biggest Xbox game in a decade”

However, in an interview with Spanish Site Vandal, head of PR Peter Hines confirmed that The Elder Scrolls IV is in active development, albeit still early development. While this means we still may be waiting close to a decade for the game to materialize and show up on, likely, the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles at the time, we can rest a little easier knowing that it’s finally being worked on in full force.

Until then, we’ll have plenty of planets to explore and space to cover while being preoccupied by Starfield, Bethesda’s latest title to come out. It’s the first new world created by them in 25 years, so there is a lot of hype surrounding this particular title. We’ll just need to wait for this ship to land and for Starfield DLC to be finished before the full Elder Scrolls 6 hype train can depart the station.

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