Texas Chain Saw Massacre Players Are Torn Over Announced DLC Prices

This DLC pricing plan could overheat players.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Hiding From Killer
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game took me by surprise, offering some of the most detailed environments found in a multiplayer game, combined with an overall level of polish that continues to be refined. The team at GUN Interactive seems to care about their love letter to one of the most terrifying games on the market, but fans may start jumping ship toward their competitors after seeing the price of upcoming DLC packs.

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Unveiled on September 28, shortly after the official reveal of the Nicotero Leatherface, the newest cosmetic pack making its way into the asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Much like its competition, players will need to purchase new characters if they’re hoping to use them in upcoming matches. Still, there is a bit of a catch that could cause issues with Lobby Dodging and overall progression: you aren’t guaranteed to get the player that you’d like to always use.

Sure, you can ask another player if they’d like to swap with you while you are in the lobby, but it’s not a guarantee that they’ll swap them with you. Especially with new characters like Black Nancy, original to this particular world, and this version of the Slaughter Family, players will likely want to play as her or new survivors once they release. Unless there are significant changes to how games are readied up, with a system more akin to League of Legends or other similar games, players may become more frustrated over time.

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While players may not object to spending money on characters for other games, it may become an issue here. Games like Dead by Daylight allow players to queue up with duplicate characters, so you may see a full lobby of Nicolas Cages trying to make their way through the Fog. However, in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, family members and survivors can only play as their selected characters. If you want to play as Julie, and I’ve already selected Julie, you’ll either need to ask for a swap to a different character or play as someone else.

It will be interesting to see the overall reaction to this news since the consensus is rather mixed. While I may pick up a few characters here and there, it will be more of a thought process than with other games, especially if I won’t be able to use them when I want to. However, if matchmaking changes are implemented, this could be an easier sell to various gamers.

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