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Tetris Effect is Coming to Nintendo Switch This October

by Morgan Shaver

In a surprise announcement during today’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Tetris Effect: Connected is getting a Nintendo Switch release later this October. The news has been met with a lot of excitement from fans of the game as many have been clamoring for a Tetris Effect release on the Switch for a while.

According to developer Enhance on social media, the game looks fantastic on the standard Switch. It hasn’t been tested on the OLED Switch, but we imagine the game will look gorgeous there as well. 

Tetris Effect is Coming to Nintendo Switch This October 

Tetris Effect: Connected is getting a Nintendo Switch release. Even better, for gamers looking to test out the capabilities of the OLED Switch, Tetris Effect: Connected actually releases the same day as the OLED Switch, October 8! 

On social media, developer Enhance has been busy answering questions about the upcoming Nintendo Switch release for Tetris Effect: Connected. For example, Enhance assures that the game runs beautifully on the standard Nintendo Switch model.

They haven’t seen the new OLED hardware, but naturally if the game runs well on the standard Switch it should run well on the OLED Switch. The game will also be the full, complete version of Tetris Effect: Connected, with Enhance stating

On the page for Tetris Effect: Connected in the Nintendo eShop, additional information on what’s included is provided like Spectator Mode for Friend Matches, a new Room ID feature that makes it easy for players on different platforms to join one another, along with previous features like the “Zone” mechanic and the multiplayer mode “Zone Battle”. 

Basically, Tetris Effect: Connected on the Nintendo Switch has everything you need and then some. Tetris Effect: Connected is also currently available on other platforms including PS4, PS5, and Xbox (Tetris Effect: Connected launched as a timed Xbox exclusive with the Series X | S back in November). 

You can also play Tetris Effect: Connected on PC via the Epic Games Store, and in VR on the Oculus Quest. For more on Tetris Effect: Connected’s upcoming Nintendo Switch release on October 8, be sure to follow developer Enhance for updates, follow the official Tetris Twitter, and check out the page on the Nintendo eShop for Tetris Effect: Connected

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