Rock Band Blitz has been out for almost two weeks now, providing thousands upon thousands of Rock Band fans with a new way to play through their favorite tunes. You can now forgo the use of a plastic instrument in favor of hitting notes across a variety of tracks, ranging from drums to guitar to vocals to keyboard, trying to put together the best combos possible so you can compete with others.


It's a great game and it comes packed with 25 songs, along with thousands of others available for purchase through the Rock Band Store. But it's really tough picking the essentials with so many favorite tunes available, you know?


That's where we come in. We've picked ten of our favorite songs from Rock Band Blitz, either through the original game or via download, that will really get you rockin' out. And no, we didn't pick "Green Grass and High Tides" so relax. These are all jam-worthy tunes that are well worth the cash.


Coheed and Cambria- "Welcome Home"


First introduced with the original Rock Band game, "Welcome Home" is one hell of a rock jam with a small guitar beginning leading into a full-blown ball of energy that doesn't stop for about five minutes, before coming to a close with an electric guitar solo. Really, if you don't get jazzed in this song, you probably don't have a pulse.


Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld- "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld"


"Yeah, Timmy, living a lie!" This song, which originally debuted in a South Park episode before moving on to infamy as an unlockable tune in the original Rock Band, is a must for rockers. Sure it's short but it's definitely sweet, especially with the guitar solo in the middle and the ridiculous vocal work by Trey Parker as TIMMAYYYYYY. Rock on, you crazy wheelchair kid.


Living Colour- "Cult of Personality"


Originally introduced around the late 80's, "Cult of Personality" was a rock song with a message and meaning. But that didn't mean it was so overweighed by said message that you didn't have a good time listening to it. Truth is "Cult", which is available as part of the 25 songs included in Rock Band Blitz, is a rock-worthy masterpiece between the frivolous guitar solos and the booming lyrics. It's ideal for challenges with your friends and when you're done, you can enjoy it in Rock Band 3 as well. Because "IIiiiiii'm the Cult of Personalityyyyyy!"


"Jungle Boogie"- Kool and the Gang


"Get down, get down!" Stemming from the funk era out of the late 70's, "Jungle Boogie" is shocking to see it get a reintroduction here in the modern music/rhythm scene. But then again, it's a perfect fit between its crazy party vibe, its simplistic but fun chorus and the way you can switch back and forth between instruments and instantly multiply your score. Plus the end doesn't get too crazy, so you can always catch back up on tempo and finish strong. And hey, if you feel like singing along nothing's stopping you. "Shake it around!"

"Living On a Prayer"- Bon Jovi


Come on, if we didn't include some component of the New Jersey band in our top ten countdown list for Rock Band Blitz songs, we would be betraying the childhood air guitar contests and the desire to grow a mullet just to get Heather Locklear to even think about us. "Living On a Prayer" is just one of many Bon Jovi hits, but this is one of the most fun to play, especially with its rousing chorus and Richie Sambora's thunderous guitar work. We gotta "hoooold on…to what we got", after all.


"Foreplay/Long Time"- Boston


Once again, we have to turn to the classic rock era from the 80's to get the utmost enjoyment out of Rock Band Blitz, and our next stop is a little place called Boston and one of the best bands from that era. They've got a number of hits that are well worth playing – "Smokin'" and "More Than a Feeling" not withstanding – but if you're looking for a long, dedicated song to test your skills with then "Foreplay/Long Time" is an obvious choice to go with. Now get to rockin'.


"Sabotage"- Beastie Boys


We had to throw some Beastie Boys on the list if only to pay tribute to Adam Yauch, who passed away in May 2012. They've got a number of classics to choose from on the Rock Band list but our big favorite has to be "Sabotage", a short but captivating song that features plenty of guitar riffs, pounding drums and shouting lyrics to keep you busy throughout. We've already run through a few score challenges on this one and aren't done just yet…


"Rock Your Socks"- Tenacious D


"GIVE IT UP FOR K.G., GIVE IT UP FOR ME!" Tenacious D has become the proper band to turn to for quick, humorous rock, and "Rock Your Socks" is no exception. For good measure, it's a great song gives you a slight break midway through as Jack Black talks about droppin' trou. Yep, it's that kind of song. Just don't miss it.


"Once In a Lifetime"- Talking Heads


"This is not my beautiful house. THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE!" The Talking Heads may be long gone now but their legacy lives on with several Rock Band Blitz offerings, including this bouncy little 80's tune that'll have you coming back for more challenges. Now the only question is if you'll be smacking the side of your head while you play – you know, like David Byrne did in the music video. "Same as it ever was…"


"Tom Sawyer"- Rush


Finally, we give a nod to our Rush-loving readers with a quality pick from the legendary trio. We could've gone for "Limelight" or "Subdivisions" and maybe even something odd like "The Camera Eye" but at the end of the day, all we want to do is jam to "Tom Sawyer". You should too.