One cool perk to owning a PlayStation 3 game system – no matter which model you own – is that it's got Blu-ray technology built inside. That means you can watch the highest definition movie format out there without needing to worry about upgrades and such. Granted, an HDMI connection definitely helps to get the most out of film quality, but you probably knew that already…


But where to start? So many great movies are available these days, picking just one isn't really an option. Here at Prima Games, we've got a primer with ten ideal selections, both single releases and compilations, that you must have if you're a serious Blu-ray enthusiast. Sure, it'll cost you some money, but you'll have a damn good collection as a result.


With that, here are the picks! (Mind you, some are a bit nerdy…)


Marvel's The Avengers


Releasing this week on Blu-ray, The Avengers stands as one of the best Marvel movies to date thanks to writer/director Joss Whedon and a well-chosen cast. But along with a terrific two-something hour action romp, you get a crisp presentation that brings out the best in your PS3 along with abundant extras, including an audio commentary, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. Get a plate of shawarma and enjoy.


The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition


With Peter Jackson about to unleash a new Hobbit trilogy upon us, there's no better time to revisit the classic Lord of the Rings trilogy than in stunning Blu-ray. All three of the original LOTR films have never been better than they are here, lengthened with director's cut add-ons and a handful of awesome behind-the-scenes extras, providing hours worth of entertainment. If you started watching now, you'd probably get finished up in time for the first Hobbit movie's unveiling on December 14th... with bathroom breaks of course (you're only human).


The Incredibles


All of the Disney/Pixar Blu-ray purchases are fine choices, such as Up, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille and Wall-E, and any true collector will want to own them all. However, if we had to pick just one, we'd go with Brad Bird's crazy superhero tale revolving around a family trying to adjust to normal life in the suburbs, only to rise up against a new danger. Featuring a number of behind-the-scenes extras and stunning audio and video, The Incredibles is a tale well worth rescuing for your collection.



Martin Scorsese's latest gem may look like an old-fashioned tale at first, but the amount of fantastic design and great story it packs may just take you by surprise. It tells the story of an orphaned boy trying to solve one last great mystery left behind by his father in the form of a strange relic he left behind. If you're taking the dive into 3D Blu-ray (which the PS3 fully supports), this is one of the first movies you should buy. It's breathtaking in the 3D format, though 2D looks great as well. Definitely don't miss out.




We could've easily picked Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and considered that a top choice for Blu-ray, but instead we opted to go with his more original 2010 release revolving around a crew hired to plant an idea into a high ranking exec's head. What follows is a crazy mind-bending trip with plenty of surprises. Along with strong performances and solid audio/video, the Inception Blu-ray also comes with extras that break down its making. Just wait till you get to the sequence with the revolving hotel hallway. Nice!


North By Northwest


Though there are plenty of old-school choices you can choose from on Blu-ray these days – everything from The Wizard of Oz to Gone With the Wind – we opted for Alfred Hitchcock's classic adventure where Cary Grant is an ad exec who's simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, thrusting him into a world of intrigue. Packing some good laughs along with memorable sequences (including the crop duster and the finale on Mount Everest), North By Northwest has never looked better. What's more, it comes with plenty of extras that take you behind-the-scenes, making it even more of a gem.


Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Okay, so some of George Lucas' changes are a little over the top ("NOOOOOOOO!"), but if you deny yourself the pleasure of rediscovering the Star Wars films in the best form possible, you're losing out. The original trilogy is still terrific after all these years and the new films aren't bad either. But it's the extras – hours worth of deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes extras, and a few comedy bits – that will really make you feel the Force.

Firefly: The Complete Series


If we didn't recommend the adventures of Captain Mal and his crew, we'd be bonkers. Fortunately, Firefly has never been treated better than in Blu-ray format, as every episode from the classic series is intact. There are plenty of extras that tell you more of the story as well, straight from Joss Whedon and crew. Funny, this is the second Whedon product we've included on this list... maybe we should've thrown in The Cabin In the Woods too, eh?


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


Director Edgar Wright's insane comic book adaptation is still a fun watch, especially when Scott (Michael Cera) steps it up against his new girlfriend's evil ex's in pure video game fashion. The stunning audio and video treatment is among the best that Universal Pictures has had to offer (even with their releases of Jaws and Back To the Future) and the extras are plentiful for those who are fans.... and if you're not, don't worry: you'll become one. The film has that kind of an effect.


The Goonies


Finally, we have to give a nod to this classic 80's adventure, featuring seven kids (including a young Josh Brolin) who go searching for treasure while danger lurks. The main edition has plenty of cool extras, including an audio commentary featuring the entire cast reunited. But there's a special edition with tons of other Goonies goodies, including a full board game and a treasure map, along with various other Goonies treats. This one's for one-eyed Willy!