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Telltale Games Has Been Officially Revived

by Nicholas Barth

Telltale Games has brought some of the most memorable narrative games in the video game industry to life throughout the years. From Telltale Games The Walking Dead to Tales from the Borderlands and plenty of other highly popular titles, Telltale Games has brought a variety of entertaining experiences to players. Unfortunately, the state of Telltale Games took a turn for the worse when the studio was stripped to its core last year in a series of moves which looked to have doomed the studio from continuing their work on their various franchises. However, Telltale Games has been brought back from the dead and is ready to begin creating amazing games once again. 

According to a report by GameDaily, Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle have brought together a team of investors to revive the Telltale Games brand and position it for a future of success. 

While speaking with GameDaily, Ottilie explained the process which was undertaken to revive the famous development brand. 

“I mean this is a company that should still be in business. So it turned into a relatively easy task to secure the funding and go forward with the offer. Most of it came from other video game veterans, and then I met Dave Miller and his team over at Athlon, and they were also incredibly supportive of the idea and came in. So sometime in November, we thought this might be a good idea. And, and before the end of December, we were signing an offer,” said Ottilie.

While Ottilie and Waddle secured the Telltale Games assets, the company as a whole is still gone. This lack of resources led to Ottilie and Waddle bringing on board Athlon Games as a shareholder and publisher.

“I would say for the current games, we’re focused on creative and maintaining them. We didn’t acquire the company — we acquired the assets, which means all those people are gone, the publishing team’s gone, and there’s a void that needs to be filled there,” said Ottilie.

“We had our plates full with standing the company back up, getting the development pipeline working again, figuring out future content and the rest of it,” Ottilie continued. “So, it makes sense for us to find a partner with expertise in publishing and in PR that had a team that was already in place. And the Athlon guys were very excited to be involved. They’re a shareholder in addition to acting as our publisher. So they are participating in the entire vision and rebirth at Telltale Games. How we manage that for future titles is still an open question.”

With a new team of industry veterans dedicated to bringing back the Telltale Games brand to the land of creating awesome games, Telltale Games 2.0 is ready to head into the future on a much brighter note than had been the forecast for the development brand up until now. 

Nicholas Barth

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