Feel like dressing up your Dead Or Alive 5 fighters in some new garb, but aren't really interested in paying extra cash to do so?  You're in luck, because Tecmo Koei is giving you access to their closet for no charge.

The company has released a downloadable costume pack for its recently released fighting game, the first of a few more to come.  This'll set you back no cost in price, and is currently available for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

The pack features some great new outfits, including Tina's original fighting outfit from the original Dead Or Alive, as well as new outfits for Kokoro, Zack, Bayman, Helena, Christie, Gen Fu, Akira, Sarah Bryant, and Pai.

"Free" is always good when it comes to DLC, so we'll take it.  Look for more information on additional costume packs soon.