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Teaser Trailer Reveals New Sonic the Hedgehog for 2022

by Lucas White

Sega’s Sonic Central presentation aired today, which housed several tidbits of Sonic the Hedgehog news. From bizarre DLC to a line of King Ice swag, there was a little something for everybody, and then some. But, of course, the future of Sonic in videogames has been on fans’ minds ever since Sega extended its development window. Now we know that, well, something is coming in 2022.

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The teaser trailer for Sonic 2022 was an odd one for sure. It opens with what you’d expect; coy footage of Sonic running through a forest (or something) with his face out of frame. But then things get weird. After blazing a trail through the environment, Sonic disappears and the trail he left behind morphs into what looks like a carving in some sort of ruins.

From there the trailer fades to that 2022 release window goodness, as well as a list of platforms this game is set to appear on. The answer to that being all of them. Sonic 2022 will hit PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Switch. That’s all we know for now, although I’m sure the Sonic fanbase is feeding that mysterious symbol through every possible filter between now and when Sega offers more info.

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