Teamfight Tactics is the League of Legends game mode that has quickly become a huge success in the video game world. As with many multiplayer titles, Teamfight Tactics offers players an opportunity to earn in-game rewards by playing the game mode in the form of a Beta Pass. The first Beta Pass for Teamfight Tactics has been going on for a bit, but Riot Games revealed on Friday, July 19th when this piece of content will officially end. 

According to a blog post posted by Riot Games, the end date for the current Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass will be on Monday, July 29th and as early as Tuesday, July 23rd for some regions. You can find all of the end dates and times for the first Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass below. 

The implementation of Patch 9.16 will be when the second Beta Pass becomes available for players to jump into and start earning rewards from. Riot Games also stated in its blog post that this next version will consist of missions and prizes similar to the first one. However, Riot Games explained it will be looking to shake things up in the future. 

Teamfight Tactics is currently available on PC through the League of Legends game client.