Tales of Xillia – Milla Maxwell

Meet Milla Maxwell -- strong, smart, and out of this world

Milla Maxwell is one of the two protagonists you can choose to begin the game with. A mysterious woman accompanied by four elemental spirits, she ventures out into the world in search of a strange disturbance. Her search leads her to the capital city where she meets Jude and they two get swept up in a huge adventure.

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Millia Maxwell

Not being of this world, Milla’s interactions with others are at first very mechanical and cold. Over the course of her travels with Jude, she learns the intricacies of human interaction and gains a much greater knowledge of their world.

Starting Artes

Most of Milla’s Artes have two modes. The first is a simple attack performed by pressing the Artes button but by holding the button down, Milla will begin to charge her attack and release a larger, more powerful version.

Fireball – A basic fire attack that can knock enemies off their feet.

Wind Lance – A quick wind element attack with a speedy recovery time.

During the prologue, Milla also has access to four very powerful elemental skills each related to one of the four great spirits.

Lilium Orb

Milla is geared a little more toward offense with her Strength and Intelligence her two highest stats. Conversely, her Vitality and Psy are her lowest stats, giving her a somewhat weaker defensive start. Consider investing early into Intelligence and Strength to boost her offensive capabilities and teaching her Momentary Gain, which gives her a boost to her AC when properly dodging enemy attacks and Solid Guard which decreases the damage she takes while guarding.

Alternatively, you can move her more toward a wizardly role by spending your GP on Intelligence and Psy and working toward Flash Guard and HP Restoration Guard, great skills if you want to control her personally and are confident in your guard timing.

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