Tales of Xillia – Leia

Get to know this enthusiastic, spirited martial arts master

A childhood friend of Jude’s that he and Milla run into while visiting Jude’s hometown of Leronde. She is energetic to a fault and eager to prove herself. While her enthusiasm is refreshing, it does have a tendency to get her in trouble which is something Jude is quite familiar with.
Leia’s mother is an esteemed martial arts master and as such, Leia is quite adept at combat with a staff. Like Jude, she is light on her feet and can lay waste to enemies quickly and efficiently.

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Starting Artes

Leia is similar to Jude in that her special combat ability does not directly affect her artes. When she successfully evades an enemy’s attack with a back-step, her staff glows and her attacks have much longer range for several seconds. The duration and additional effects can be learned through her Lillium Orb.

First Aid – A targeted heal for 30% of an ally’s HP.

Sharpness – Leia increases her target’s physical and magical attack strength for a short time.

Darting Claw – A quick, dashing thrust that does wind damage to the opponent.

Cerberus Strike – Leia strikes the foe multiple times with her staff, causing earth damage.

Lillium Orb

Leia is likely to become the staple of any party once she joins as her Lillium Orb gives her access to several strong support abilities. Her strongest attributes are her agility and her strength, giving her much-needed mobility to use her support skills. Since she joins you with most of her GP unspent you get a great opportunity to pick what role you want her for.

At her core, Leia is a support character so it is important to make your moves through the Lillium orb based more on the skills and artes you want than the attribute bonuses. Leia is able to learn attack and defense boosting artes in addition to increasing the effectiveness of your items. Try to focus either on her defensive buffs like Barrier and item-boosting skills such as Immediate Consumption or go all-out on offense. Leia has a wide variety of artes that either possess or grant elemental damage bonuses so whichever route you take she is sure to be invaluable.

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