Tales of Xillia Gets Long-Anticipated Release Date

Journey into Namco Bandai's latest role-playing adventure this August.

Fans of Namco Bandai’s Tales games have no doubt been treated to some luxurious storylines, memorable characters and compelling gameplay.  They got some good news over the weekend that the latest game in the series, Tales of Xillia, has been confirmed for release outside of Japan.

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It was confirmed yesterday that this latest effort will see its way to store shelves on August 6th here in the U.S.  The date was announced at a recent media event, though a release for Europe has not yet been announced.

The game is being tailor made for the PS3 platform.  However, when it came to talking about the series’ future on other platforms, like the Wii U or PlayStation 4, series producer Hideo Baba didn’t have much to say.  The same goes for the Tales games on Vita, as Baba stated that the system is doing badly in North America at the moment, though things could change in the future.

Hey, we’re just happy to see Xillia.  Look for a strategic preview soon. 

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