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Tales of the Borderlands 2 Could Be In the Works

by Liana Ruppert

With Wolf Among Us 2 now back on track, it looks like another popular Telltale Games hit could be making a comeback. From Telltale Games The Walking Dead to Tales from the Borderlands and plenty of other highly popular titles, the studio has brought more than a few interesting narrative experiences to players everywhere. Unfortunately, the state of Telltale Games took a turn for the worse when the studio was stripped to its core last year in a series of moves which looked to have doomed the studio from continuing their work on their various franchises. However, Telltale Games has been brought back from the dead and is ready to begin creating amazing games once again and that could include revisiting Tales from the Borderlands. 

For those that may not be familiar, Tales from the Borderlands was a hilarious episodic adventure from Telltale set in Pandora and gave us the wonderful creature known as Rhys, who also played a significant role in the latest Borderlands game from Gearbox. This game gave us great characters, amazing hilarity, and was just overall a great experience. With the studio’s closure before its revival, the future looked grim for Rhys and the crew but a new report from a known leaker seems to suggest that a sequel is back on track following the previous announcement of Wolf Among Us 2 also on the way. 

The leaker in question, Hereitismydude, has been accredited with several valid leaks in the past, so it’s possible this report has merit though it’s always important to take anything not officially revealed with a massive grain of salt until otherwise announced. Though he didn’t mention when we’ll be getting an announcement or possible release, the leaker did confidently state that it is back in the works. 

That being said, Tales from the Borderlands was a very stark difference from Wolf Among Us. It was the light to the dark, the comedy to the grit – to see both back in full force? That would be incredible. We’ve reached out to the team at the revitalized studio for comment! 

Would you be interested in seeing Tales from the Borderlands make a comeback or would you rather another story from Telltale? Sound off with what you think of the latest rumor by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames! We’d love to here what you think about the latest report and what that means for the future of the newly brought back studio! 

H/T VG247

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