Following the settling of dust from THQ's bankruptcy, Take-Two may have emerged with a champion.

The company has confirmed today that it will be taking over the WWE brand of video games, as it's working on new negotiations with the company, as well as the developers at Yukes, for a series of new titles.  "By working together to transition development of WWE games going forward, the parties have minimized the harm to WWE and Yuke’s, which have, in turn, agreed to substantial reductions of their claims [against THQ]," stated Take-Two's lawyers.

WWE will waive the $45 million debt owed from THQ as a result, with only $650,000 due in royalties as a result.  Meanwhile, Yukes has re-acquired the ownership stake that THQ previously had in them, with $250,000 in royalties coming.

No word yet on when we can expect the next great WWE game to come down the line, but next year is probably looking very likely.  At least they're still around, people…though that shouldn't stop you from partaking in some matches of WCW vs. NWO: World Tour in the meantime…