Microsoft is pushing to try and get more exclusive content onto its Xbox 360 service and it just scored a huge deal with the folks at SyFy.


The network behind such shows as Warehouse 13 and Being Human have announced that they are bringing their upcoming show The Nuclear Family exclusively to Xbox 360 first, and later to their own site for streaming. The show focuses on a family that's struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, one that's ruled with an iron fist by The Man and his clan of hooligans. They're looking for their missing kid, who vanished following a devastating explosion.


The show stars Corin Nemec (from Parker Lewis Can't Lose, remember?), along with Sharon Lawrence and Ray Wise. The episodes will debut October 1st on Xbox Live, with streaming to Hulu, VOD, Roku and SyFy's streaming channel two weeks later.


If you love sci-fi shows, it's definitely worth checking out.