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Superhot Gets a New Standalone DLC This Week

by Josh Hawkins

Superhot wowed fans with its outstanding gunplay and time manipulation when it originally released, and now the SUPERHOT Team is looking to take things a step further by releasing a standalone expansion called Mind Control Delete.

The new expansion will be available starting tomorrow, December 7, and fans can pick up the DLC via Steam’s Early Access program. There’s not currently a set price for it, but we expect that to change over the coming hours, so we’ll be sure to update our article once that information is available.

If you’ve played SuperHot, then you might be asking what sets this DLC apart from the rest of the game, and that’s the fact that Mind Control Delete takes place within a more rogue-like version of Superhot, so players will need to deal with shifting enemy positions and map locations. You can check out the full details for the DLC on the Steam store page.

Somethings you can expect to see in the new DLC include:

  • 2 playable minds, with unique abilities and gameplay modifiers.
  • New animations and AI systems to drive new weapons, abilities, and enemy types.
  • A new hitpoint system and power-up store to give you extra power to take down your enemies.
  • Procedural rogue-like levels to add complexity to the game.

Of course, as with any early access version of the game, you’ll be missing out on a few things like:

  • Story. There’s no story mode involved in this version of the game.
  • No advanced power-ups or new enemy types just yet. These will come later, but for now the developers want to get things straightened out.
  • No replay or point system.
  • No hidden menu minigames. These might come later on.

If you love SuperHot, and you want more of the goodness that the Superhot Team created, then Mind Control Delete is the perfect place to start getting more. We’ll be sure to update this article with more info as it becomes available, but for now, head on over to the Steam page to learn more about Superhot Mind Control Delete.

Josh Hawkins

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