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Supergiant’s Hades Has Sold Over One Million Copies

by Morgan Shaver

On Twitter, indie developer Supergiant Games shared the exciting news that Hades has officially sold over one million copies. Adding to that, 700,000 of those copies actually sold while the game was in Early Access on the Epic Games Store. 

Supergiant’s Hades Has Sold Over One Million Copies

Hades was one of the first exclusives available on the Epic Games Store following its launch in December of 2018. Unlike their previous games like Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, Hades was also the first game from Supergiant to release in Early Access.  

Supergiant described it as “a living game in active development” with the move allowing them to really take their time perfecting all of the roguelike dungeon crawling action in Hades, and make full use of gamer feedback.

“We designed Hades as an Early Access game from the ground up. Our foremost goal was to see if we could create something great in partnership with our community — a game that was true to our values about design, worldbuilding, and storytelling, and could naturally evolve based on the feedback we’d get along the way. Every aspect of the game, from its modular structure to its approach to narrative, flowed from this idea,” Supergiant wrote in the FAQ for Hades.

While a number of interested gamers wanted Hades on Steam, Supergiant noted they wouldn’t release Hades out of Early Access on other platforms until it was complete.

A little under two years after the game launched in Early Access, it got a surprise release on September 17. That’s right, Hades is now complete!

Commenting on the launch in their blog, Supergiant said:

“We are beyond excited to announce we have completed the Early Access development of our god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades, and officially launched v1.0 of the game! Hades is out right now on Nintendo Switch, as well as Steam and the Epic Games Store. Whether you’re one of more than 700,000 players who’ve joined us in Early Access or just now delving in, we hope you have a wonderful time exploring everything the Underworld has to offer.”

Even though a number of gamers dislike the Epic Games Store and its timed one-year exclusives, Hades appears to have done quite well for itself on the platform.

According to Supergiant, 700,000 copies were sold during the game’s time on the Epic Games Store, with 300,000 more copies selling after the game’s full launch on September 17.

Hades is a phenomenal success story, and we want to extend a huge congratulations to Supergiant on one million copies sold. We can’t wait to see what else the developer has in store for this incredibly fun, addictive roguelike!

If you haven’t already, you can purchase and play Hades on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and of course, the Epic Games Store

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