The rumors were true. Nintendo inked a deal to provide Walmart with an exclusive gold Mario amiibo ($12.96) as part of the upcoming Super Mario line-up that debuts March 20 alongside Mario Party 10.   

If you shop for amiibo online, you already know what happened. The elusive figure was available for pre-order yesterday and promptly sold out. At least on the positive side, Walmart put up this amiibo at least three times, giving fans a fighting chance. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the gold Mario will appear online again. There will be figures in-store on launch day, but if previous exclusives (Lucario, Rosalina, Meta Knight) are anything to go by, expect to see lines forming several hours before the 3,000 Walmart stores open the morning of the 20th. 

You can still pre-order the Mario Party 10 bundle that comes with a Mario amiibo, but not the gold one.

What do you think of this new gold Mario? Worth the cash? Let us know!