Suicide Squad Game Gets Official Name Ahead of Full Reveal

Ahead of the full reveal at DC FanDome, Rocksteady has unveiled the name of the Suicide Squad game.

Fans have had years and years of teasers and leaks, but it wasn’t until Rocksteady finally confirmed what they were up to last week in the form of an image teasing a Suicide Squad game. While the full reveal is set for August 22nd, the schedule for DC FanDome has provided a bit more insight in terms of what the upcoming game is actually called.

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The DC FanDome website has disclosed the schedule for the upcoming panel with Rocksteady Studios, which is set to take place on August 22nd and last for 20 minutes. During this time, Will Arnett will be hosting the panel that officially reveals Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which we now know is the name of the upcoming Rocksteady title. That certainly gives us a bit more context for the teaser that was shared last week. 

Not much else is known at this time about the upcoming Suicide Squad game, but at least we know the name. A source recently told Prima’s very own Liana Ruppert that the inbound title is akin to the likes of The Division 2, in that it is set to be a true looter shooter. Does this mean we’ll get to loot Batman for all of his cool gadgets? Can we get our hands on Superman’s cape after dealing with him? Is Wonder Woman’s invisible jet up for grabs? It’s really anyone’s guess at this point, but Rocksteady has proven themselves capable of providing fans with a thrilling experience, and we can only hope the Suicide Squad game will be no exception.

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Unless another leak pops up between now and August 22nd, we will just have to wait until then to learn more about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Be sure to keep it tuned to our official game hub as we learn more about the upcoming title.

What do you think about all of this? Do you like the name of the Suicide Squad game? Do you believe it gives us a better idea of what the upcoming title will be about, or does it only draw more questions about the adventure? Excited to learn more during DC FanDome? Sound off with your thoughts over on our Twitter @PrimaGames!

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