Mega Man fans have plenty to celebrate today on his 25th anniversary, as Capcom is not only celebrating with a new fan-produced effort (offered free of charge), but also various classics that are coming to the eShop.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is now available to download for no cost on PC through Capcom's Capcom-Unity ( site, and though it's taking a little while to connect (servers are getting pummeled right now), it definitely looks like a lot of fun.  We'll check it out closer to the week.

Meanwhile, if you prefer more traditional Mega Man adventures, we've got some good news.  Starting on December 27th, Capcom will release Mega Man 1-6 through Nintendo's eShop for the 3DS, enabling gamers to play through some of his classic 8-bit adventures.  Though prices weren't mentioned, they're expected to be $4.99 apiece – a small price to pay compared to what the original games are fetching on eBay.  Plus, Mega Man 2 and 3 are total classics.  Check 'em out when they start coming out next week.

Happy anniversary, Mega Man!