Whoever said Mega Man's best days are behind him apparently hasn't seen Capcom's latest download numbers.

Street Fighter X Mega Man, an independently produced adventure featuring the Blue Bomber taking on cast members from the hit fighting game, was released for free a few months ago on Capcom's official page.  And since that time, it's become an enormous hit, as the game has just crossed the one million download mark – a huge feat for a (mostly) one-man project.

Though Capcom isn't quite sure exactly how many downloads the game has done (since it can be uploaded from a number of sources), it is moderately sure that over one million customers have been served.  The company recently offered an update to the game that adds some bug fixes and balancing tweaks.

And if that's not enough Mega Man love, good news.  Capcom is also releasing a number of classic NES Mega Man titles for the 3DS Virtual Console service.  Mega Man 3 is set to drop this week, and 4, 5 and 6 will release each month after.  And there's rumor that even more Mega goodness could be announced next week at PAX East.

Here's to you, Blue Bomber.  Keep on shooting.