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Street Fighter 5 Story Mode, Ibuki and Balrog

by Bryan Dawson

Last month Capcom announced that the next DLC character, Ibuki, would be delayed until late June. Now we not only know exactly when Street Fighter 5 fans can expect to play as the new character, but also what else will be included in the content patch.

At the Community Effort Orlando tournament last night, Capcom announced that Ibuki would be joined by Balrog in the Friday patch. In addition, several new character costumes and two new stages would be included. Rounding out the list of content is the long-awaited Story Mode addition to the game, which will feature portions playable with upcoming DLC characters Urien and Juri. While it may not be the complete version of these characters, considering the fact they aren’t expected to be released until August or September, this will serve as a nice preview for fans.

The Evolution fighting game championships take place in July and there’s been much debate over whether Ibuki and Balrog would be allowed to participate. Under normal circumstances, characters that have only been available for a few weeks are banned from competitive events to help level the playing field. After receiving overwhelming community feedback, the organizers of Evolution have decided to allow both characters to be playable at the event next month.

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