Stellaron Hunter Silver Wolf May Be Seeing A Rerun During Argenti’s 1.5 Banner in Honkai: Star Rail

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Silver Wolf from Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot from Honkai: Star Rail YouTube Silver Wolf Trailer - "Got a Date?"

Honkai: Star Rail has already shown they’ll be organizing reruns for new players both on PC and for PlayStation. Originally, they started with Seele who will be running alongside Topaz’s Banner in the 1.4 update, but leaks have already revealed that she won’t be the only one who is coming up in the future for their rerun.

According to leaks, Silver Wolf will be the next rerun banner alongside Argenti who will be in the second phase of the 1.5 Honkai: Star Rail Update. Similar to Seele’s, we should see Silver Wolf gain her own banner alongside Argenti, sharing the same Four-Star characters. Silver Wolf’s Five-Star Light Cone, Incessant Rain (Nihility), should also be making its appearance and have a separate banner from Argenti’s so players can once again try their hand at pulling for both her and her strongest Light Cone option. 

It is unusual for HoYoverse to skip over possibly rerunning Jing Yuan who was the initial character to follow after Seele’s banner. But in these games, characters who are displayed in the current banner are often tied to the story at hand. So while Seele is returning when the Trailblazer is visiting Belabog for a side mission, we will likely see a similar side quest come about in which we once again get to meet up with the Stellaron Hunters or with Silver Wolf herself, creating mischief. 

It seems so soon for reruns to begin again in Honkai: Star Rail with the game not even reaching a year under its belt. But given that the PlayStation version wasn’t available up until the 1.4 update, it is likely that the game developers are organizing a return to older characters to give new players a chance at pulling for some of the characters that may have initially led them to follow or play the game. 

This also gives veteran players a chance to pull for the Light Cones for those who were unable to do so. However, it may have been better for the game to go ahead and put in a filler patch where there was a rerun banner with no new characters. As it is, players will not be receiving a break anytime soon in characters rolling out of company headquarters like hot potatoes. Either you have the chance to save and take a breath or suddenly, your plans for the 1.5 patch just got a lot more dicey. 

As this information is based on leaks and has not yet been confirmed by HoYoverse, take all of this with a grain of salt and count your blessings. While this does spell for good tidings ahead for players who were unable to get Silver Wolf or her Light Cone, this does make it harder for those who were looking forward to Huo Huo, Argenti, and Hanya. With Honkai: Star Rail continuing to keep up the pace by throwing out new characters, it’s a wonder how players will manage to attempt to collect them all. May the odds be ever in your favor, Trailblazers.

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