Ever want to play a Steel Battalion game but not feel the need to mess with a 200-button controller, like the one that came with the Xbox version?  Want to integrate your Kinect in a number of new ways outside of playing casual sports?  Want to go to frickin’ war in a MECH?!  We’ve got you covered.

Capcom has announced that a demo has been released for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, their upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive action game that seamlessly uses the controller and Kinect to move around in a mech and command your crew.  The demo, clocking in at 1.01 GB, is available through the Xbox Live Marketplace and lets you test drive the unit in a number of ways, while working with your crew to lay waste to enemies.

This one’s a lot of fun to play, so stray yourself in and download the demo now.   You won’t be sorry.