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The Steam Summer Sale Starts Today!

by Josh Hawkins

Rumors have been rolling around for quite a bit now, and things are finally coming to fruition as the Steam Summer Sale kicked off starting today. Quite a few games are currently on sell for extremely discounted prices, giving you more chances than ever to dive in and buy the games that you want.

The Steam Summer Sale is a great time to pick up some new games and you’ll find discounts on a lot of different titles from now until July 5th. Be sure to log in and check out the highlighted deals to see what the sale has going for that day. This is where you’ll find the brunt of the sales that you’re most likely going to be interested in.

The Steam Summer Sale will update with new sales prices for games each and every day. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you grab any games you want when they hit a low price, as they probably won’t be like that for long. On top of the sales, you can also take part in Summer Saliens, a fun little game that Valve has created to go along with the Steam Summer Sale.

Users can log into the game and give it a try by clicking the Summer Saliens icon on the main storage page. Once here, you can customize your Salien, choose a planet to fight on, and then challenge a specific tile. Stay on the planet longer to increase your chances of winning any items included in that planet’s giveaway. It’s a cool little way to get more out of the Steam Summer Sale, so make sure you don’t miss out!

As we said above, the Steam Summer Sale will run from today until July 5th, giving you almost 14 days of sweet deals to look forward to. Make sure you make the most of it, and we’ll be sure to highlight some of the best deals that we see as the sale moves forward.

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