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Steam Summer Sale Now Open – Runs June 19 to June 30

by Prima Games Staff

With the Steam Summer Sale now open, PC gamers around the world are dropping cash on titles that they will likely never play. Don’t believe us? Go check your own Steam library. We’re willing to bet there is at least one game you bought last summer, and have yet to even install. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to judge you, we’re in exactly the same boat. There’s just something that feels right about spending all our disposable income on hugely discounted video games.

Speaking of hugely discounted games, the first day of the sale kicked off with a bang, offering up Far Cry 3 for a whopping 75 percent off, as well as DayZ for a 15 percent discount. While some people criticized the DayZ offering, it’s worth noting that it’s already massively discounted because it’s in an early access state.

Regardless of whether the game you’re looking for is on sale today, you can expect that it most likely will be at some point between now and June 30th.

What games are you hoping to pick up for cheap?

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