It's another day in gaming, which means another leak. This time the leak is for those PC gamers out there like me that look at their backlog and says "not today." The Steam Summer Sale dates have leaked and according to said leak, will be kicking off on June 25th and will run until July 9th. 

Brace those wallets friends, because savings is coming and that backlog is going to look at you in judgement while that cart fills up with games you'll only remember to play when the next Steam Sale rolls around. Or, you're one of the few that has willpower and only buys a select few and actually plays through all of them. 


Kidding, but it is nice to see the sale just around the corner, especially with June bringing with it E3 and with that - many more titles on the way. From old favorites, to new releases, Steam will be a busy hive once more, giving gamers a chance to check out some of those games that have been tucked safely in their wish list for god knows how long. 

Any particular games in question that you'd like to see get a significant price slash? Sound off with your savings dreams by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames. I'm also of the Master Race PC crowd, so feel free to hollar atcha girl over @DirtyEffinHippy as well! 

Thanks, SteamDB