Steam Summer Sale Commences With Handful of Discounts

Say goodbye to your funds and hello to an expanded digital library.

There are several things you can be assured of this summer, like having a barbeque, seeing terrific films like Pacific Rim and the yearly Steam summer sale.  Around this time every year, Valve marks down a number of games to significantly low prices, ranging anywhere from mere pennies to $29.99, depending on the title.

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This year, it’s done it again.  Now you can collect trading cards with some key purchases, including BioShock Infinite, Faster Than Light and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.  You can trade these cards with friends and build a virtual collection however you see fit, just for buying the games you love.

As for the games, well, there are dozens to choose from.  At the moment, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is going for a very reasonable $29.99, Just Cause 2 can be yours for just three dollars, THQ’s epic Darksiders II is slashed down to $9.99 and Far Cry 3 is sitting at $23.99.  New discounts are being offered every day, so feel free to shop around.

One big highlight you won’t want to miss, though, is Sega’s Sonic Collection.  This package, which includes all the classic 16-bit games from the Hedgehog’s heyday, along with newer releases like Sonic Generations and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, can be yours for $14.99.  That’s for a limited time, though, so hurry. Transformed by itself is worth the cash.

You can shop around here.

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