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Steam Game Festival Renamed to Steam Next Fest

by Morgan Shaver

In an announcement from Valve on Steam, it was revealed that the Steam Game Festival has been renamed to the Steam Next Fest. In addition to the name change, the Steam Next Fest has an upcoming date of June 16 and will offer “hundreds of game demos” for gamers to check out. 

Steam Game Festival Renamed to Steam Next Fest

The Steam Game Festival has officially been renamed to the Steam Next Fest. In the announcement, the reason for the name change is cited as being a way to “directly communicate its focus” before going into detail about what gamers can expect from the Steam Next Fest.

Starting June 16, there will be hundreds of game demos available along with developer livestreams, the ability to chat with teams about their in-progress games, and get a better idea as to some of the games coming to Steam in the future.

The Steam Next Fest will run from June 16 until June 22, giving players 6 days to dig into as many demos and livestreams as possible. With the renaming it’s unclear whether the Steam Next Fest will continue to be as regular of an event as the Steam Game Festival which has appeared in a seasonal manner since its debut.

The last Steam Game Festival took place back in February 2021, and one could consider it a sort of “Spring” festival with the Steam Next Fest serving as a “Summer” festival. With that thought in mind, it sounds like we could see a Fall and/or Winter version of the Steam Next Fest as well. 

At the very least, we hope so as these Steam festivals are some of the best ways to try out tons of upcoming indie games, and they help developers in return as gamers add their favorites to their Steam Wishlist.

If you want to learn more about the Steam Next Fest, check out the announcement post on Steam. You can also check out the Steam Game Festival trailer from February 2021 as provided in the Steam Next Fest announcement to get a better idea as to what you can expect from the event.

The Steam Next Fest begins June 16 and runs until June 22, be sure to check back as we’ll be providing coverage on the sort of games available for you to demo and our impressions of them here at Prima Games! 

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