Starfield Players Can Plan Their Character Build Before Release

Prepare to fly.

Everything We Know About Starfield Combat Customization Platforms Release Date and More
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Starfield releases on August 31 for those who have purchased the Premium Edition on PC or Xbox Series X/S and on September 6 for everyone else. If you want to get ahead of the curve and blast through the character creator so you can dive into your space adventure as soon as possible when the game launches, there’s a way to plan your character’s build right now.

Created by Nukes & Dragons, the Character Build Planner and Calculator contains what appears to be all of the Starfield starting backgrounds, traits, and skills “based on the currently available information that may be incorrect or incomplete.”

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While the Character Build Planner and Calculator’s information may change once the early access launch rolls around, it’s still useful enough to get a good idea of the kind of character you’ll be zipping around the galaxy with and which skills you want to level up first.

If you’re anything like me, picking starting traits and backgrounds can take time, cutting into valuable playtime that could be spent raiding ships as a space pirate or exploring uninhabited planets. So, having your build all planned out means you’ll be able to jump into the action faster. Though that said, if you are anything like me, you’ll spend five hours just designing your character’s appearance…

You can find the Starfield Character Build Planner and Calculator on the Nukes & Dragons website.

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