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Stardew Valley Mobile Release Announced for iOS

by Larryn Bell

Stardew Valley is headed to mobile later this month, according to an announcement on the Stardew Valley development blog. Fans of the pixelated farming sim won’t have to wait long to enjoy farming on the go, either. Developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone shared the exciting news in a blog post today, stating that Stardew Valley for mobile would be releasing first on the iOS App Store on October 24.

London-based mobile developer The Secret Police have been enlisted to create the mobile port for Stardew Valley and have reportedly been working with Barone for the past year. An Android version of Stardew Valley is currently in the works and will hopefully get a release date sometime soon.

The mobile version of Stardew Valley consists of the full game, which has been rebuilt for touch-screen devices and gameplay on the iOS. The game will include all single-player content up through version 1.3, but will not include multiplayer

The most exciting part about Stardew Valley’s mobile port is that PC players have the option to transfer their save data to the iOS version using iTunes, which is great for high-level players who don’t necessarily want to start back at Day 1 on the mobile version. Mods will conflict with the save data on mobile though, so make sure to backup your save file before attempting to transfer it over.

Stardew Valley mobile will launch on the iOS App Store on October 24, and pre-orders are available starting today. If you’re interested in seeing the mobile port in action, check out the trailer above. 

Larryn Bell

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